14th International Waterpolo Tournament AmsterdamIWTA 2014

29th – 31st of August 2014


Welcome to our 14th international waterpolo tournament!

Amsterdam swimming club ‘Het Y’ is proud to organize the 14th international waterpolo tournament in Amsterdam. For the 10th time ‘De Mirandabad’ will host this tournament.

It will be a perfect opportunity to prepare yourselves for the coming season and have fun at the same time! We organized a boattrip and pub-night on Friday to get to know your opponents. On Saturday waterpolo matches will be played, followed by a barbecue and music till 23.00h.  Afterwards you can visit and discover our city. On Sunday there will be more waterpolo, finals, and the award ceremony.

In this booklet you can find all the information you need. We hope you will enjoy the weekend!

crewTournament committee 2014

Anne, Chris, Sanne, Nienke, Ilse, Tim, Niels, Myrthe, Kasper and Ineke

Any questions? You can recognize us by the white shirts at the tournament!

The waterpolo balls are sponsored by MTBsport.
Please visit www.mtb-sport.net for more info.

Weekend program

Friday 29th of August

  • 18:00 – Tournament area open for registration and camping
  • 20.00 – Boattrip to the city center
  • 22:00 – Party at cafe ‘Heffer’ in the city-center of Amsterdam

Saturday 30th of August

  • 07:45 – Tournament wake up call
  • 08:15 – Start first match
  • 09:45 – Official opening of IWTA 2014 by Hellen Boering (president of swimming club ‘’het Y’’)
  • 19:00 – End of last match of the day
  • 18:30 – Start BBQ and music
  • 23.00 End of music

Sunday 31st of August

  • 07:45 – Tournament wake up call
  • 08:15 – Start first match
  • 15:30 – Grand final men
  • 16:00 – Award Ceremony
  • 17:00 – Camping area closed


General information

The tournament entrance (do not use the pool main entrance!) is at the President Kennedylaan (see map) and will be open day and night.

Information stand

You can’t miss it: The information stand is right in front of the entrance.

This is the place for:

  • Registration (fees and welcome package)
  • All your questions
  • Up to date match schedule
  • Medical first aid
  • Lost and found
  • T-shirt sale
Tournament shirts

IWTA 2014 shirts






House rules

Please read these practical notes

  • Security will be present at the entrance during the night
  • Have fun and help make this tournament a success for all involved
  • You are not allowed to bring any alcohol
  • Only tents are allowed at the tournament area, no campers or vehicles
  • Cars and bicycles are not allowed at the tournament area
  • You can only enter the tournament area with your tournament badge, which you will get after registration (each team member will get one)! Our night security will ask for it!
  • Swimming in the pool is not allowed other than during the matches
  • Drugs, bottles and glass are strictly prohibited at the tournament and camping areas!
  • No campfire, BBQ or use of gas at the tournament area
  • Help us keep the area clean: throw your rubbish in the containers. There is always one nearby!
  • The organization cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings or accidents at the campsite
  • The organization has the right to remove people from the tournament area in case of inappropriate behavior

Tournament extra’s

Friday night boat trip and café

For Friday night we would like to  take you to the very heart of Amsterdam. To get to the city center, we have arranged a boat trip. Tickets for the boat trip are 12,50 euros. These tickets must be reserved prior to the tournament. Please moderate alcohol use prior to the boat trip; we will not allow drunk participants on the boat! The boat trip takes you to café De Heffer, where we have arranged special prices for drinks (€2,10 for beers, €2,80 for wine). Don’t forget your tournament badge as you will only get these special price by showing your badge! If you don’t make use of the boattrip you can come to café Heffer yourself, the address is Oudebrugstreeg 7, which is near the red-light district, therefore a perfect place to start your nightly visit to Amsterdam… Return to the pool area is not organized by us; you can take tram number 4 or nightbus 354. Make sure you have the address and name of the pool with you. Also, be sure to bring your tournament badge as the guard won’t let you back on the pool area without.


Breakfast and lunch

You can buy your breakfast (€5,-) and lunch at the pool area.

Volleybal tournament

At the beach volleybal field, you can sign in to play some volleybal between your waterpolo matches! If 2 teams sign up for the same time slot, you got yourselves a game. You are your own referee.

Saturday Evening BBQ

Saturday you can enjoy our famous Tournament Barbecue! The barbecue will start at 6.30 PM. There will be some music in the tent at the poolside. Afterwards you can visit and discover our city if you like. Time to party!

Barbecue vouchers have to be reserved prior to the tournament. The price is€ 12.50. Saturday morning the last remaining barbecue vouchers will be sold for € 15.00.

Tournament T-shirts and waterpolo wear for sale

Need new swimming gear, caps etc? Have a look at the MTB selling point! MTB-Sport, international agent of Turbo, will occupy the stand himself.

Again we sell unique tournament shirts (black with white print) for only €10! The IWTA 2014 logo is printed on this shirt to remember this year’s tournament in Amsterdam.

Also, this year we will sell special waterpolo caps designed by EL CUERVO SPORTS (http:/www.elcuervosports.com/) for the tournament with the mascotte on it. (€40,- per set)

IWTA caps

IWTA caps

Address, Parking, Transport and Luggage


Name pool:  De Mirandabad
Address:    De Miranda laan 9
Entrance tournament:   President Kennedylaan 7 (see map)
Zip code: 1079 PA, Amsterdam


Friday and Saturday from 9.00 – 21.00h it’s paid parking around the pool area. It’s € 2.40 per hour. At the RAI parking garage (a 10 minute walk) it’s €16.00 per day.  Sunday is free parking.

Transport  downtown (and back)

There are several ways to get into town and back. Below you can find the options to explore the city:

  1. Tram 4: when you
    leave the pool area, turn left on the President Kennedylaan and turn right on Maasstraat. Keep walking untill you arrive at Rooseveltlaan, where you will find the tram stop for tram 4. This should be a ±7 minute walk.
  2. Night bus 354:
    Central Station or Dam  → Maasstraat/Rooseveldlaan.
  3. Taxi: Call +31
    (20) 677 77 77 (or ask one of us). Fare (from pool to café Heffer = city center near red light district) should be around €20.00.

When you want to use public transportation, you can easily plan your trip via:  http://9292.nl/en

Public transport tickets and prices

For trams, metro and busses you need a  Chip Card (OV chipkaart), available at tobacconist, post offices and (for a little higher price) on trams and busses. They are available in 1 hour cards, which is enough to take you from the pool to the city center.

The 24 hours chip card is by far the easiest way of traveling and is also very economical. For just €7.00 you can make unlimited use of trams, buses, metro and night buses for a period of 24 hours. You can also purchase a ticket for 48 (€11.50) or for 72 hours (€15.50).

Night bus: one way €3.50.

Luggage to store?

If you come early you might want to store your luggage. If you come from the airport you can travel easily to “Amstel Station’’. This is a train station close to the pool where they have lockers.

This is the locker information: http://www.ns.nl/en/travellers/about-your-trip/travelling-by-train/facilities-at-the-station

When you get back to the Amstel station Friday afternoon, after your day in town, from Amstel station you can take bus number 62, this will take you right to the swimming pool and tournament!


Game Rules

Matches will be played according to the international FINA rules, with the following exceptions:

  • Team must be ready 10 minutes before scheduled playing time.
  • The first team mentioned (white caps) starts the match on the half of the field nearest to the showers.
  • If a team is late for the match, a penalty of 1 goal for each minute delay will be rewarded to the opponents, with a maximum of
    5 goals.
  • Every match lasts 2×12 minutes. Gross playing time will be used.
  • Matches are scheduled in blocks of 30 minutes, so there will be 2 minutes rest between each half and 4 after each match.
  • When sent off for a 20 seconds penalty, it will be converted to a 30 seconds gross penalty.
  • No ’30 seconds’ rule (shot clock).
  • Ranking in the standings for equally ended
  • 1st: mutual result;
  • 2nd: goal balance;
  • 3rd: goals scored;
  • 4th: 5-meters penalties in series of three.
  • Men games on Sunday need to have a winner, referee will explainprocedure.
  • The head referee will handle all exceptional cases.




  • Robbert van Zenderen (head referee)
  • Sjoerd Gerbrandy
  • Marius BakkerReferee
  • Pieter Dijkstra
  • Bart Tangelder
  • Nico Beumer
  • Floris van Heemst
  • Bart Pool
  • Darcy de Wind
  • Suzanne Jak
  • Daan van de Weele
  • Ferry Baar
  • John Mooij
  • Nelleke Ernsting
  • Pieter van Gilst
  • Frans van Griensven
  • Frank Diependaal
  • Pieter van Gilst


The matches are scheduled in blocks of 30 minutes, with central timing from the center field (Orange).

Grade A

De Ham Heren 1 d’ELFT
Dionysos Taverna – Het Y Heren 1 De Ham Heren 2
SGHA Heren 1 Het Y Heren 2
MGU Z&PC Katwijk
BZC Brandenburg De Dolfijn

Grade B

RAF Waterpolo Arethusa 1
De Koperen Kat BEAR & GUARDO
Stipasiol Metavast – Het Y Heren 3
Het Y Heren 4/5 Starlight 1

Grade C

Kingston Royals 1 US ’84
VK Gorica Warrington
Het Y Heren 6/7 Kingston Royals 2
DYNAMO-MASTERS Avondale London
Starlight 2



Woman’s competition


Grade A

Canal – Het Y Dames 1
London Penguin
Polar Bears2
SGHA Dames 1
Southampton Sirens

Grade B

Fratelli – Het Y Dames 2
Het Y dames 3-4
AZ&PC De Amer


Match schedule – field green – Saturday

Poule time white blue referee 1 referee 2 Jury
A2 8:45 De Ham Heren 2 De Dolfijn John Mooij Nico Beumer H3
A2 9:15 d’ELFT Het Y Heren 2 Wiebe van der Molen Bart Pool H3
9:45 Opening ceremony
F 10:00 SG HBW 1 Canal – Het Y Dames 1 Floris van Heemst Kurt de Boek D2
B2 10:30 Starlight 1 Metavast – Het Y Heren 3 Daan van de Weele Nico Beumer H6-7
B2 11:00 Arethusa 1 BEAR & GUARDO Frank Diependaal Frans van Griensven D3-4
B1 11:30 Het Y Heren 4/5 Stipasiol Nelleke Ernsting Floris van Heemst H3
B1 12:00 De Koperen Kat RAF Waterpolo Marius Bakker Frans van Griensven D2
C1 12:30 Kingston Royals 1 VK Gorica Bart Pool Suzanne Jak H3
C1 13:00 Het Y Heren 6/7 DYNAMO-MASTERS Sjoerd Gerbrandy Frank Diependaal D2
B2 13:30 Metavast – Het Y Heren 3 BEAR & GUARDO Floris van Heemst Nelleke Ernsting H6-7
B2 14:00 Arethusa 1 Starlight 1 Daan van de Weele John Mooij H6-7
B1 14:30 RAF Waterpolo Stipasiol Bart Pool Kurt de Boek H3
B1 15:00 De Koperen Kat Het Y Heren 4/5 Pieter van Gilst Sjoerd Gerbrandy H6-7
C2 15:30 Kingston Royals 2 US ’84 Daan van de Weele Nelleke Ernsting H3
B2 16:00 Starlight 1 BEAR & GUARDO Marius Bakker John Mooij H6-7
B2 16:30 Metavast – Het Y Heren 3 Arethusa 1 Nelleke Ernsting Frank Diependaal D2
B1 17:00 Het Y Heren 4/5 RAF Waterpolo John Mooij Floris van Heemst H3
B1 17:30 Stipasiol De Koperen Kat Frank Diependaal Frans van Griensven H3
F 18:00 Canal – Het Y Dames 1 Polar Bears2 Robbert van Zenderen Nico Beumer D2
C1 18:30 DYNAMO-MASTERS Starlight 2 John Mooij Kurt de Boek H2


Match schedule – field green – Sunday

Match ID time white blue referee 1 referee 2 Jury
C1 8:15 VK Gorica Het Y Heren 6/7 Frank Diependaal Darcy de Wind D3-4
E 8:45 Todocorazón SG HBW 2 Daan van de Weele Ferry van Baar H4-5
S 9:15 Poule A2 #3 Poule A2 #2 Sjoerd Gerbrandy Bart Pool D3
T 9:45 Poule A2 #1 Poule A2 #4 Wiebe van der Molen Pascal Seijkens D2
10:15 Poule C1 #3 Poule C2 #4 Sjoerd Gerbrandy Marius Bakker D3-4
10:45 Poule C1 #4 Poule C2 #3 Ferry van Baar Pascal Seijkens D2
R 11:15 Poule B1 #3 Poule B2 #4 Frank Diependaal John Mooij H6-7
Q 11:45 Poule B2 #3 Poule B1 #4 Marius Bakker Pascal Seijkens H6-7
place 3/4 12:15 Poule C Loser X Poule C Loser Y Darcy de Wind Nico Beumer H2
E 12:45 Fratelli – Het Y Dames 2 Todocorazón Frank Diependaal Ferry van Baar H2
E 13:15 SG HBW 2 Het Y Dames 3/4 Pascal Seijkens Darcy de Wind D2
place 3/4 13:45 Poule B Loser O Poule B Loser P Bart Pool Floris van Heemst D2
F 14:15 SGHA Dames 1 Polar Bears2 Kurt de Boek Nico Beumer H3
FINAL 14:45 Poule C Winner X Poule C Winner Y Pieter van Gilst Pascal Seijkens H2


Match schedule – field orange – Saturday

Poule time white blue referee 1  referee 2 Jury
A1 8:45 SGHA Heren 1 Dionysos Taverna – Het Y Heren 1 Sjoerd Gerbrandy Floris van Heemst D2
A1 9:15 De Ham Heren 1 Z&PC Katwijk Pieter van Gilst Marius Bakker H1
9:45 Opening ceremony
A1 10:00 MGU BZC Brandenburg Pieter Dijkstra John Mooij H1
F 10:30 Polar Bears2 London Penguin Pieter van Gilst Sjoerd Gerbrandy H2
F 11:00 SGHA Dames 1 Southampton Sirens Marius Bakker Bart Pool D1
A1 11:30 Dionysos Taverna – Het Y Heren 1 BZC Brandenburg Pieter Dijkstra Wiebe van der Molen H1
A1 12:00 SGHA Heren 1 De Ham Heren 1 Kurt de Boek Sjoerd Gerbrandy H2
A1 12:30 MGU Z&PC Katwijk Pieter Dijkstra Nico Beumer H1
A2 13:00 De Dolfijn Het Y Heren 2 Robbert van Zenderen Marius Bakker H1
A2 13:30 d’ELFT De Ham Heren 2 Wiebe van der Molen Kurt de Boek H1
F 14:00 London Penguin SG HBW 1 Sjoerd Gerbrandy Nico Beumer D1
F 14:30 Southampton Sirens Polar Bears2 Floris van Heemst Pieter Dijkstra H2
F 15:00 Canal – Het Y Dames 1 SGHA Dames 1 Marius Bakker Robbert van Zenderen D1
A1 15:30 Dionysos Taverna – Het Y Heren 1 MGU Kurt de Boek Wiebe van der Molen D3-4
A1 16:00 Z&PC Katwijk SGHA Heren 1 Sjoerd Gerbrandy Nico Beumer H2
A2 16:30 De Dolfijn d’ELFT Robbert van Zenderen Kurt de Boek H1
A2 17:00 De Ham Heren 2 Het Y Heren 2 Pieter Dijkstra Marius Bakker D1
A1 17:30 BZC Brandenburg De Ham Heren 1 Wiebe van der Molen Pieter van Gilst H1
F 18:00 SG HBW 1 SGHA Dames 1 Floris van Heemst Sjoerd Gerbrandy H2
F 18:30 London Penguin Southampton Sirens Bart Pool Marius Bakker D1


Match schedule – field orange – Sunday

Match ID time white blue referee 1 referee 2 Jury
A1 8:15 Z&PC Katwijk Dionysos
Taverna – Het Y Heren 1
Sjoerd  Gerbrandy Bart Tangelder D1
A1 8:45 BZC Brandenburg SGHA Heren 1 Pieter Dijkstra Floris van Heemst H3
A1 9:15 De Ham Heren 1 MGU Robbert van Zenderen John Mooij H1
F 9:45 Polar Bears2 SG HBW 1 Floris van Heemst Kurt de Boek D1
F 10:15 SGHA Dames 1 London Penguin Nico Beumer Pieter Dijkstra D1
F 10:45 Southampton Sirens Canal – Het Y Dames 1 Robbert van Zenderen Floris van Heemst D3-4
A1 11:15 Dionysos Taverna – Het Y Heren 1 De Ham Heren 1 Pieter van Gilst Wiebe van der Molen H1
A1 11:45 SGHA Heren 1 MGU Kurt e Boek Bart Pool H2
A1 12:15 BZC Brandenburg Z&PC Katwijk Sjoerd Gerbrandy Pieter van Gilst D1
F 12:45 SG HBW 1 Southampton Sirens Robbert van Zenderen Floris van Heemst H3
place 3/4 13:15 Poule A2 Loser S Poule A2 Loser T Nico Beumer Kurt de Boek D2
FINAL 13:45 Poule A2 Winner S Poule A2 Winner T Pieter Dijkstra Wiebe van der Molen H6-7
F 14:15 London Penguin Canal – Het Y Dames 1 Bart Tangelder Robbert van Zenderen H3
FINAL 14:45 Poule B Winner O Poule B Winner P Marius Bakker Wiebe van der Molen H2
FINAL 15:15 Poule A1 #1 Poule A1 #2 Pieter Dijkstra Sjoerd Gerbrandy D1
15:45 Closing and medal ceremony


Match schedule – field yellow – Saturday

Poule time white blue referee 1 referee 2 Jury
C1 8:45 Het Y Heren 6/7 Kingston Royals 1 Nelleke Ernsting Pieter Dijkstra H4-5
C1 9:15 VK Gorica Starlight 2 Frank
van de Weele
9:45 Opening ceremony
E 10:00 Dolfijn SG HBW 2 Frans van Griensven Nelleke Ernsting H4-5
E 10:30 Het Y Dames 3/4 Todocorazón Wiebe van der Molen D1
E 11:00 AZ&PC De Amer Fratelli – Het Y Dames 2 Kurt de Boek H4-5
C2 11:30 Avondale London Kingston Royals 2 John Mooij Nico Beumer H6-7
E 12:00 US ’84 Warrington Frank Diependaal Pieter van Gilst H4-5
E 12:30 AZ&PC De Amer Todocorazón Floris van Heemst Daan van de Weele D3-4
C2 13:00 Kingston Royals 2 Warrington Pieter van Gilst John Mooij H4-5
C2 13:30 US ’84 Avondale London Suzanne Jak Pieter Dijkstra H6-7
E 14:00 SG HBW 2 Fratelli – Het Y Dames Frans van Griensven Pieter van Gilst H4-5
E 14:30 Dolfijn Het Y Dames 3/4 Frank Diependaal John Mooij D1
C1 15:00 Starlight 2 Kingston Royals 1 Suzanne Jak Frans van Griensven H2
C1 15:30 DYNAMO-MASTERS VK Gorica Bart Pool Pieter Dijkstra D3-4
C2 16:00 Avondale London Warrington Suzanne Jak Frans van Griensven H2
C1 16:30 Starlight 2 Het Y Heren 6/7 Pieter van Gilst Bart Pool H4-5
C1 17:00 DYNAMO-MASTERS Kingston Royals 1 Suzanne Jak Nico Beumer D3-4
E 17:30 SG HBW 2 AZ&PC De Amer Bart Pool Kurt de Boek H6-7
E 18:00 Todocorazón Dolfijn Daan van de Weele Suzanne Jak H4-5
E 18:30 Fratelli – Het Y Dames 2 Het Y Dames 3/4 Frank Diependaal Frans van Griensven H6-7


Match schedule – field yellow – Sunday

Match ID time white blue referee 1 referee 2 Jury
X 9:15 Poule C1 #2 Poule C2 #1 Suzanne Jak Pieter van Gilst H1
Y 9:45 Poule C2 #2 Poule C1 #1 Ferry van Baar Nelleke Ernsting H1
O 10:15 Poule B2 #2 Poule B1 #1 Bart Tangelder Frank Diependaal D3-4
P 10:45 Poule B2 #1 Poule B1 #2 Bart Pool Nelleke Ernsting H2
E 11:15 Fratelli – Het Y Dames 2 Dolfijn Darcy de Wind Bart Tangelder H6-7
E 11:45 Het Y Dames 3/4 AZ&PC De Amer Pieter Dijkstra Daan van de Weele H2
12:15 Poule C1 #5 Poule C2 #3 Bart Tangelder John Mooij H4-5
12:45 Poule C1 #4 Poule C1 #3 Marius Bakker Daan van de Weele H4-5
place 7/8 13:15 Poule B Loser Q Poule B Loser R Pieter van Gilst John Mooij D1
place 5/6 13:45 Poule B Winner R Poule B Winner Q Frank Diependaal Marius Bakker H6-7
14:15 Poule C2 #4 Poule C1 #5 Daan van de Weele Suzanne  Jak D3-4
E 14:45 Dolfijn AZ&PC De Amer Ferry van Baar Darcy de Wind D2

Supporters of the Y tournament

RiskCo De specialist voor uw financiële en actuariële berekeningen.

RiskCo is gespecialiseerd in het gestructureerd, beheersbaar en reproduceerbaar
uitvoeren van uw berekeningen. Bedrijfsbreed, van uw backoffice tot frontoffice
tot uw actuariële jaarwerk.

Fratelli D’Italia

MTB Sport


Gemeente Amsterdam
Stadsdeel Zuid


Red Bull

Gall & Gall Rijnstraat

Brouwerij ‘t IJ




Greek restaurant ‘’Dionysos Taverna’’ offers 10% discount to all players!



Overtoom 176
1054HR Amsterdam


We would like to thank…

· De Mirandabad for their super accommodation and
their co-operation

· Stadsdeel Zuid for their support

· The Cascade catering

· All referees for their effort to make this
tournament a fair play ground

· Floraparkbad, Sloterparkbad and Crommenije for
loaning us their goals

· Leon for designing the tournament logo

· Benno and Just for the boattrip

· Bas for making the schedules

· Harvey for his help designing and printing the

· De Heffer for their hospitality on Friday night

· Anna Scott for the badges

caps (http:/www.elcuervosports.com/)

Last but not least…

· All volunteers for being so kind to give us a
helping hand

· You, the players, for participating


Friday night special…

Join us Friday night for a welcome drink at:

Café Heffer, Oudebrugsteeg 7

Special prices (beer €2,10 / wine €2,80) by
showing of your tournament badge: